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I haven’t been so excited since the early days of jQuery. React is a JavaScript library initially developed by Instagram/Facebook for building user interfaces…

There are many ways to make visual representations of data: bar charts, line graphs, scatter diagrams, sparklines… not to mention the many ways in which you can implement them on the web. In this post I’ll be looking at plain CSS methods for styling data…


Naming your CSS classes can be hard. One of the things that can add to the difficulty is not having a clear view of the entire project when you get started…

These are all legitimate problems that affect most large CSS codebases in one way or another. Christopher points out that these all have good solutions if you move your styling to JavaScript, which is true but introduces its own complexities and idiosyncrasies…

Have an existing Angular 1 application and are wondering about upgrading to Angular 2?  Well, read on and learn about our plans to support incremental upgrades.…

I’ve put together 10 steps to help other developers explore the Wonderful World of Ember. These tips are aimed at experienced web developers–especially those with Rails or JavaScript framework experience – but I think they can be useful for anyone who is approaching Ember for the first time.…

Short for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, Ajax is a mechanism for making partial page updates. It enables you to update sections of a page with data that comes from the server, whilst avoiding the need for a full refresh. Making partial updates in this way can be effective in creating fluid user experiences and can decrease the load put on the server.…

Over the past 2 years, Gulp has established itself as an important piece of most modern front end projects. As early adopters of this life changing technology at Rangle, we’ve encountered our share of pitfalls which guided us to valuable lessons about sublteties that can make a world of difference. Today, we’d like to share some of the learned insights with you.…

Last week, Bootstrap turned four-years-old, and its creators, Mark Ottoand Jacob Thornton, released Bootstrap 4 alpha…

Frontend – soft


O interfejsach miałem już przyjemność pisać wielokrotnie i zapewne jeszcze niejednokrotnie będę ten temat poruszał. Wynika to z tego, że interfejsy są chyba najważniejszą strukturą w programowaniu obiektowym, a ich poprawne wykorzystanie stanowi o jego jakości, o tym czy łatwo i przyjemnie będzie się z nim pracowało…

It (seriously) violates SRP…

Everywhere that I go, conference, the supermarket, the dentist, building sites, people always ask me about the Composer lock file. It’s a mystery that seems to cause confusion all across the globe.…

In this article we will design a data model for a hotel room reservation system. We look for a data model where we can represent information about the rooms, the guests and the reservations…

Laracon.eu 2015 – materiały

Backend – soft



In this episode, the team recaps Laracon, discusses a few of Matt’s side projects, and details their juiciest vices.

We’ll be discussing the alcoholic culture in the PHP community as well as our struggle with weight loss.


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